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4 days to stock up on products used for sales tools and booking gifts on this last chance sale. Thursday- Sunday February 19- 22nd only!

The new catalog and products will be available this coming Monday February 23rd by noon CST.

We will no longer carry Body Silk, Peach Mango, Moxie or the Sugar Sweet Pea Fragrance line. We have a new formula of Body Lotion coming out in the catalog.

BONUS! Each order will receive a new spring 2009 catalog in the order!

Enjoy sweet savings and the new catalog!

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Lavender Body Silk

Pearberry Body Silk

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Sea Spa Body Silk

Cucumber Melon Body Silk

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Moxie Olive Butter

Moxie Spritzer

Moxie Lotion Bar

Peach Mango Body Butter

Peach Mango Salt Scrub

Peach Mango 9 ounce Shower Gel

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Peach Mango Body Spritzer

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Sugar Sweet Pea

9 Ounce Shower Gel
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Hello everyone! Jordan Essentials has a lot of great specials for the month that I wanted to share with you. Just as a reminder please be sure when you order you see my name at the top of the page: Rose Stolarz 11203.

Everyone loves a celebration and we're celebrating our 9th Birthday! Enjoy this charming duo as a gift or anytime of the year. Set includes 2oz Shorty Shea Butter Tube in Oatmeal Milk and Honey and 6oz Birthday Cake Fragrance Candle.

His and Hers Valentine's Day Gift Set $20.00
Pink "calorie free" candy box with His and Her's soaps and lip care. Contains Black Raspberry Vanilla olive soap in pink and exclusive Chocolate Covered Strawberries lip gloss for her Spa soap in green and a 4Him lip tube for your special guy!

Rockin' Raspberry Gift Set $27.00
Rockin' Raspberry gift set for every fun, hip and healthy teen. NEW Rockin' raspberry lip gloss with healthy jojoba oil, mini spritzer, mini shower gel and lotion bar in a sassy tote that says "I'm Rockin!"

Hip Hop Body Spritzer $10.00
Was $11, now $10. Fresh Peach Mango fragrance in a a moisturizing body spray.

Hip Hop 17oz Shower Gel $15.00
Was $17, now $15. Glitter, micro bubbles and fresh peach mango fragrance for a sweet shower experience.

Hip Hop 9oz Shower Gel $10.00
Was $11, now $10. Glitter, micro bubbles and fresh peach mango fragrance for a sweet shower experience.

Hip Hop Shea Butter $12.00
Was $14, now $12. Our exclusive shea butter formula in a soft peach mango fragrance in a easy to carry 4 oz tube.

Hip Hop Salt Scrub $20.00

Was $22, now $20. Shimmering Peach Mango fragrance in moisturizing gourmet salts.

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CHRISTINA STRICKLAND!! Woohooo Christina!! She has a few companies for you to choose from for all your shopping needs:
Brown Bag Party is a company that specializes in romance enhancers for you and that special someone! With Valentines Day coming there are a lot of great items to give your relationship that little extra spark. Browsing Christina's site I came across a few items that caught my eye:

Anti-Stress Aromatherapy Massage Oil - Sweet Melon
Anti-Stress Aromatherapy Massage Oil - Sweet Melon Cucumber
Formulated with pheromones, protein rich caviar, natural scents, and sweet shea butter, this massage will be one you repeat many times. This creamy rich liquid does not drip, does not stain, does not pool in hand or mit. Fell the stress melt away. Recommended for all skin types. 4oz. - Sweet Melon Cucumber- Item: 505

Cheers Drink Coasters
These glass drink coasters feature 4 popular drink recipes: The Appletini, The Cosmo, The Black Opal and the famous Sex On The Beach. Item: 395

The next awes
ome Company she has to offer is:

Mama Bags has the cutest bag for any busy mama on the go who wants to look cute and stylish!! They offer some of the most stylish bags that I have come across online and the prices are very reasonable. This bag here has to be one of my favorites! I love PURSES:

Be sure to check out these sites for yourself so you can see all of the great products she has to offer!! The also have excellent compensation plans if you are looking to join a company!

Register Now for the 2009 National Walk for Epilepsy
March 28, 2009 ♦ National Mall, D.C.

Each year more and more people gather in D.C. to bring awareness to the third most common neurological disorder in the United States—epilepsy. The National Walk for Epilepsy has grown to an event with 8,000 participants and, over the span of two years, has raised more than $2 million dollars. Consider supporting the event today by registering to participate, making a donation or sponsoring a Walk participant.

About Epilepsy

Epilepsy is one of the most common disorders of the nervous system.

  • It affects people of all ages, races, and ethnic backgrounds.
  • More than 3 million Americans of all ages are living with epilepsy.
  • Every year, 200,000 Americans will develop seizures and epilepsy for the first time.
  • Epilepsy can develop at any time of life, especially in early childhood and old age.
  • Epilepsy is a neurological condition that makes people susceptible to seizures. A seizure is a change in sensation, awareness, or behavior brought about by a brief electrical disturbance in the brain.

Seizures vary from a momentary disruption of the senses, to short periods of unconsciousness or staring spells, to convulsions. Some people have just one type of seizure. Others have more than one type.

Although they look different, all seizures are caused by the same thing: a sudden change in how the cells of the brain send electrical signals to each other.

If you have epilepsy, you probably already know that it's not a mental disorder. It can be caused by anything that affects the brain, including tumors and strokes. Sometimes epilepsy is inherited. Often, no cause can be found.

Epilepsy is generally not the kind of condition that gets worse with time. Most adults who have it can expect to live a normal life span.

Doctors treat epilepsy primarily with seizure-preventing medicines. Although seizure medications are not a cure, they control seizures in the majority of people with epilepsy.

Surgery, diet (primarily in children), or electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve, a large nerve leading into the brain, may be options if medications fail to control seizures. Several drugs (called antiepileptic or anticonvulsant drugs) are prescribed to prevent seizures. Many factors are involved in choosing the right seizure drug. The goal of treatment is to stop seizures without side effects from the medicines.

Why am I walking you may be asking? That is a great question! Because my eldest son Kyle has Epilepsy. After being strangled by his umbilical cord for 36 hours Kyle was born having a seizure, the strangulation cause Kyle to have 3 brain hemorrhages which in turned caused Kyle's seizures. We have been on an array of medications and we are still looking for the right one! Our next step is to try the Ketogenic Diet .

This is a battle that we fight every day with Kyle and one we are not willing to give up on, so please if you are willing to donate please click here to be taken to our walk page. For more on Kyle's story please click here and for more on epilepsy please visit www.efa.org or please feel free to email me if you have specific questions.

Thank you all!!

$15 MORE in Host Rewards, 25% off Bella candles & 3 easy payments for Demonstrator Kit of choice. There are so many yummy scents to choose from in our Bella Line! This is our most elegant looking candle and I just LOVE IT!! You can get the candle in 26 oz for $20.98 ($15.94 w/25% off), 16 oz for $17.98 ($13.48 w/25% off) and 8 oz for $13.98 ($10.48 w/ 25% off).

Contact me today to book your show and yes catalog shows count!! Also, ask me how to become a demonstrator for free!!!

Hello everyone!! My featured product today for Jordan Essentials is the Dead Sea Salt. You can get this item in 32 oz for $35 or 8 oz for $16! If you love to soak in a bath then this is for you! We bring the Dead Sea to your bath! You can choose from a variety of fragrances but my favorite is: Vanilla Cream, yum!

Jordan Essentials is celebrating there 9th birthday!! So we have an awesome special going on for $15 in this set you get a 2 oz Shorty Shea Butter Tube in Oatmeal Milk and Honey and a 6 oz Birthday Cake Fragrance candle!

Also, keep in mind you can join Jordan Essentials for $25!!!!

Here is my very first Featured Product for Gold Canyon:

As a Company committed to delivering “The World’s Finest”®, we carry a greater obligation to invest in the world’s most valuable asset and finest resource—children. With the purchase of each Candles for Kids candle, 100% of the profits go to the Prayer Child Foundation.

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Hello everyone!! This is my very first blog post ever!! Woohoo very excited!! So a little about me first. My name is Rose and I am mom to two boys: Kyle and Liam. Kyle is my special guy as he has epilepsy and a bunch of different delays! He is a true fighter in every sense of the word. He has gone through so much and still has a smile for your everytime you see him! I currently work as a Medical Assistant but due to Kyle's needs I am looking to work strictly from home.

I am a rep/affilate for a few companies but I am looking to make Gold Canyon my full time business. They have some of the most awesome and best smelling candles you will ever find! They are made from soy, have double non-lead wicks and cool burning wax. You can visit my site at www.mygccandle.com/rosescandleshop. In future post I will spotlight one of my favorite items and I will do that weekly.

Next, I rep for Jordan Essentials. They offer all natural bath and body items. You can visit them at www.jordanrep.com/11203

I also plan on spotlighting my fellow SSIS members to help there businesses grow. We all have to help each other out! I will spotlight a new member weekly.

Well that is all for my first post. I plan on updating regularly so check back often!!