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Hello everyone!! This is my very first blog post ever!! Woohoo very excited!! So a little about me first. My name is Rose and I am mom to two boys: Kyle and Liam. Kyle is my special guy as he has epilepsy and a bunch of different delays! He is a true fighter in every sense of the word. He has gone through so much and still has a smile for your everytime you see him! I currently work as a Medical Assistant but due to Kyle's needs I am looking to work strictly from home.

I am a rep/affilate for a few companies but I am looking to make Gold Canyon my full time business. They have some of the most awesome and best smelling candles you will ever find! They are made from soy, have double non-lead wicks and cool burning wax. You can visit my site at www.mygccandle.com/rosescandleshop. In future post I will spotlight one of my favorite items and I will do that weekly.

Next, I rep for Jordan Essentials. They offer all natural bath and body items. You can visit them at www.jordanrep.com/11203

I also plan on spotlighting my fellow SSIS members to help there businesses grow. We all have to help each other out! I will spotlight a new member weekly.

Well that is all for my first post. I plan on updating regularly so check back often!!


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